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For the serious Buyer, offers the opportunity for your ideal acquisition prospect to be listed under the appropriate geographic region and/or service industry as specified by you.


Interested parties will be able to review your listing and, using Trans-Buyer as a conduit, respond to you with an overview of their company.  If, at this stage you have an interest in further discussions with this Seller, Trans-Buyer will facilitate the exchange of mutually acceptable Confidentiality Agreements and the simultaneous release company and contact details to each other. You will then be free to negotiate on a one-to-one basis.


There are many advantages to this including:

  • Access to a large number of prospective Sellers

  • Ability to keep your Company name and contact information confidential until you have the opportunity to review an Overview of the prospective Seller

  • Reduced Finder Fees and Success Fee from Business Brokers

  • As you are paying the fees (which you, as the Buyer, do ultimately in any transaction), the Sellers are less reticent.

To proceed, we first ask you to review our Fee Schedule to ensure your acceptance and that there are no future misunderstandings.


Proceed to Fee Schedule (Step 1 of 3) is a service company and does not offer legal or financial advice

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